6 Thu *4PM*. 
E. Hotel
Gate No.1, Express Avenue Mall
Patullos Road
Chennai 600 002
“Age Old Stigmas in Modern DaySlums”
Millions of women call India’s slums “home.” In these densely packed alley ways under ramshackle roofs, women cook, work, raise children,and share many of the same experiences as their well-off counterparts.However, these residents face many other unique challenges that evade even the most credentialed urban planners and aid workers.
23-year-old Suhani Jalota joins us to discuss these raw, real and often uncomfortable issues. Founder of the Myna Mahila Foundation,Mumbai, she has been a tireless crusader for women’s empowerment.Her incredible work has been lauded by TIME Magazine, Vogue, the BBC, and even Queen Elizabeth the II. Her NGO was recently selected to receive donations in lieu of gifts for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan (to which she was invited).


11 Tue 09.30 A.M
Semmozhi Poonga
Cathedral Road, Near Gemini Circle
Heading to Century Flour Mills,
Visit to Century Flour Mills
Century Flour Mills established in 1953, with all their equipment imported from England, produces flours like Maida, wheat flour,rawa and Sooji.
Good quality wheat is procured from Rajasthan and made into flour after being tested in their own laboratory. In addition to the local market, they have now entered the international market as well.
The chairman and managing director Mr G. Ravindran has kindly opened the doors of this well known establishment for the ladies at IWA.
Join us for this informative and exciting visit and learn more about the flours we take for granted.
This is a warn-in meeting.
Please send us your requests between Sept 1-8th to Nandi Shah 98840 70014. via messages or Whatsapp messages for confirmations.
Please note that there will be 2 floors to climb in order to see the facility.


14 Fri 10.15 A.M
E. Hotel
Gate No.1, Express Avenue Mall
Patullos Road
Chennai 600 002
“Stones that speak”
The Holocaust is one of the most horrific incidents in history. In 1992, German painter Gunter Demnig began installing brass plaques in pavements, each commemorating one victim of Hitler’s massacre, in what is called the Stolpersteine or “stumbling stones” project. Stolpersteine consists of over 67,000 plaques and is now spread across 22 countries, including Germany, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Norway.
In keeping with IWA’s Next Gen initiative this year, we proudly present Radhika Santhanam the talented daughter of our member Kausalya Santhanam addressing us on this sensitive, heartwarming project.
Radhika Santhanam, Assistant Editor of The Hindu, was selected to go on the India-Germany Media Ambassadors programme to Germany last year where she did a study of the ongoing Stolpersteine project through interviews with victims’ families, artist Demnig, and officials.“Never again” is the warning that resounds in Germany……. 
Be there to listen to this unique story of one man’s determination to keep
memories alive.


17 Mon 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Artificial Intelligence & theFuture of Health Care
Dr. Shravan Subramanyam is the Managing Director for Roche Diagnostics India and neighbouring Markets. A physician with a passion for diagnostics, he is particularly keen on promoting ‘Personalized Healthcare’ and the use of technology in medicine. A graduate of the Madras Medical College, he also holds a master’s degree in Health Administration from Cornell University. He recently took over as the president of the Swiss Indo Chamber of Commerce, India.
Dr. Shravan will speak about the Application of Artificial Intelligence in health care and patient management. He believes that using artificial intelligence to diagnose, treat and predict the results can help physicians increase time spent on unique human skills.
Update your self through Dr. Shravan’s captivating talk on artificial intelligence. Don’t get left behind!


19 Wed  10.15 A.M
Luz House
176, Luz Church Road
Chennai 600 004
Nuances of Krishna
A Bharatanatyam Presentation
Sanjana Prasad will give a dance presentation on the nuances of Lord Krishna by performing pieces centered on his life. Well-known and evergreen compositions sung by legendary artists will come together to weave through Krishna's life as a child, a friend,a lover and only true spirit of the Universe. Stories of Krishna resonate with Bhakti in different forms. Sanjana’s Bharatanatyam  presentation puts forth a cascade of emotions as she plays the role of a loving mother , an angry lover, an ardent devotee and a friend to the mischievous, charming, all encompassing cowherd.
Sanjana Prasad has been training in Bharatanatyam for the past 18years. She was initiated by Guru Smt. Meenakshi Chitharanjan after which she pursued a diploma in Movement Arts from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore specializing in Bharatanatyam,Kalaripayattu and Contemporary dance. Sanjana has trained under the guidance of Guru Smt. Minal Prabhu in the Kalakshetra style.She is also undergoing advanced training under Guru Smt.Radhika Shurajit, Chennai. Sanjana has performed in a number of venues in India and abroad and is pursuing her passion for dance as her full time career.
To celebrate the month of Krishna Jayanti, we request members to dress in shades of blue.


25 Tue 10.15 A.M
Nehru Park Metro Station
Poonamallee High Road
Chennai 600 010
Namma Chennai through the Metro Rail
Join us to experience the much awaited Metro in Chennai. We look forward to boarding the metro at Nehru Park for a 30 minute informative ride to Ashok Pillar. Take a break for snacks at Adyar Ananda Bhavan before we embark on our return to Nehru Park.
The Metro is a welcome and anticipated addition to Chennai and we look forward to experiencing the journey with you.
Meet at 10.15 am at Nehru Park Station to begin the ride at 10.30 am. Elevator/Escalator available and minimal walking is needed.
Warn in to Usha Jawahar 98410 25166 either by calls or through messages before Septemeber 23rd.


27Thu 10.15 A.M
Hanu Reddy Residences
39/18 Binny Road
Poes Garden
Chennai 600 018
The World of a Word Collector
“Shapessmith”, “Ponk”, “Jabbler” ...
Would these words have you running to a dictionary?Dictionaries are the foot soldiers of the literary world. With them we can trace the evolution of a language, in this case the many avatars of the English language. Published in 1774, the Dictionary of the English Language by Samuel Johnson, is a colossal intellectual achievement ofone man listing 42773 words with their definitions, and a hundred thousand illustrations andquotes from 500 authors.
Come and listen to Ms Sharada Suresh share fascinating insights from the life of Samuel Johnson, with wit and grit and see what makes him enjoyable even today. From film journalist to teacher and then college lecturer and now an examiner. Sharada Suresh is passionate about Lexicology, Indology, Biology to name just a few of her interests. While visiting the home of Samuel Johnson   in London, now a Writer’s Museum, she pursued the idea of encapsulating the personal and professional life of the renowned lexicographer in a presentation that she will enthral us with.