16 Fri 10.15 A.M
Madras Club
8, Adyar Gate Club Road
R.A. Puram
Chennai 600 028

‘I’ve learned that everyday you should reach out and
touch someone. People love a warm hug or just a
friendly pat on the back.’
– Maya Angelou
After this summer break, we warmly welcome you, reach out & touch base with you at this morning of Fellowship. What better a forum could we ask for to rejuvenate ourselves with music in the air amongst companions who are ‘soul food’ for us!
Come bedecked in the color green, the color of life, renewal, nature and energy.

This is a members only meeting


20 10.15 A.M
E Hotel
Gate No.1,
Express Avenue Mall, Patullos Road
Chennai 600 002
Art musings with Gita Hudson
Trained in Art with a Masters degree in Psychology, Gita Hudson has been showcasing her paintings in India and abroad since early 90’s. She is also a documentary film maker since 2005. Gita regards filmmaking as an extension of fine arts, and has documented famous contemporary Indian artists and eminent painters of the ‘Madras Art Movement’ such as Yousef Arrakal and Dr.Alphonso Arul Doss. Her documentaries also span other diverse subjects such as the string puppeteers of Tamil Nadu, the Kurumba tribes of the Western Ghats, etc. Gita is also the Program Officer for Dakshinachitra, and has done retrospective exhibitions of eminent artists.
Gita will talk to us about her journey from art to filmography and share anecdotes and selected clips from her films, offering us a glimpse of the personalities behind the art.


28 Wed 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst 
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Medieval Castles and Sapphire Waters
‘Travelling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.’
- Ibn Battuta
Who better to tell us the story of two fascinating countries than Charukesi Ramadurai : a freelance journalist and author whose byline has appeared in The New York Times, South China Morning Post,National Geographic Traveller, Forbes, Destination, Outlook Traveller, Conde Nast to name a few.
Slovenia is the world’s first country to be declared as a green destination. It is a destination that’s elegant and wild at the same time. It’s a country with unexpected revelations. From the soaring peaks of the Julian Alps and the subterranean magic of Postojna and Ć kocjan Caves, to sparkling emerald-green lakes and rivers and the Adriatic coast, Slovenia has it all.
Croatia - precariously poised between the Balkans and Central Europe,this land has been passed between competing kingdoms, empires and republics for millennia. If there’s an upside to this continual dislocation, it’s in the rich cultural legacy that each has left behind Croatia’s glittering waters and picture perfect coastal towns.
Join us as Charukesi Ramadurai regales us with her stories of these two
countries while taking us along on a virtual and visual treat of these Jewels of the Mediterranean. She writes on travel, food, books, arts & culture, gender and development issues and the joys of social media and net working.


30 Fri 10.15 A.M
Hanu Reddy Residences
39/18 Binny Road
Poes Garden
Chennai 600 086
Innovation Towards Saving our Planet
Siddharth Hande is the founder of Kabadiwalla Connect, an award winning social enterprise in the field of waste management.Using technology, they build end-to-end solutions for the responsible management of waste from small and medium waste generators in Chennai.
A spatial data analyst by training, Siddharth is highly involved in  social entrepreneurship, technology, the environment and urban planning in
India.Find out more about Kabadiwalla Connect, and how it fits into our day to day waste management at home. Let’s work towards our common goal of protecting the environment!