4 Thu 10.15 A.M
Curio Play
3, Ananda Road
Chennai 600018
A Soulful Morning
Come and enjoy a calm relaxed morning with songs about everyday life, untold secrets of our lives and the truth - through the time bending lyrics of the mystic saint poets from the Bhakti and Sufi traditions.
The vocalist and composer, Vedanth Bhardwaj is well-known for singing songs from the Bhakti tradition- songs of Mirabai, Guru Nanak and Kabir adding his own twists to the tunes. He has a unique style that blends Indian classical and folk music.
Vedanth Bharadwaj has been pursuing music as a full time career for the last eight years. He has formally learnt Carnatic classical music for over fifteen years from Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan and currently under the tutelage of Sri Ramamoorthy Rao for advanced Carnatic and Hindustani vocal training for the last eight years. He is a qualified guitarist from the Trinity College of Music, London.


9 Tue 10.15 A.M
Madras Club
8, Adyar Gate Club Road
R.A. Puram
Chennai 600 028
Temple Tanks of India
The temple-tanks of India are water bodies associated primarily with religion, but they serve as important water-harvesting units too. The architects of ancient and medieval India had designed and built these tanks in such a way that they are not only beautiful architectural structures but also serve a utilitarian purpose. This talk willfocus on temple-tanks in various parts of India and also on irrigation tanks created by kings.With summer upon us benefit from a fine shower of knowledge blending history, tradition, religion and art!
Chithra Madhavan has a Ph.D. in Ancient History and Archaeology. Recipient of two post-doctoral fellowships, she has authored eight books and several research papers. She is guest-faculty at Kalakshetra Foundation, the Asian College of Journalism and DakshinaChitra.


11 Thu 10.15 A.M
Focus Art Gallery
Raja Annamalai Building (Air India Building)
19, Rukmani Lakshmipathi Road
Egmore, Chennai 600 008
The Autobiography of a Thousand Languages
Is it true that you speak one, two or more Indian languages fluently, but do most of your reading in English? This is largely due to our education during the modernization of India, over three generations. Are we not then, in some sense, home-grown exiles, i.e. living like refugees in our own homes? Yet the paradox of history is that it is for this group of Indians that English-language publishers have created a phantom literature that is neither English nor an indigenous Indian language: it is a third literature that is both beautiful and problematic India Translated.
Come, open yourself up to different perspectives and varied tongues in a new venue. Our speaker, Ms Mini Krishnan will share treasures waiting to be uncovered - and to delight. Her talk will also include literature by writers, marginalized by society. She edits translations for Oxford University Press (India), sourcing fiction, plays, travelogues, autobiographies and biographies from 16 Indian languages. To date she has edited 106 full-length translations. She writes two columns for The Hindu: (1) This Word for That in the
Literary Review and (2) Ethics & You in Education Plus.


16 Tue10.15 A.M
The Folly Amethys
Whites Road
Next to Corportion Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Heart of the Matter
Understanding heart disease …
There are many types of heart diseases and each one has its own symptoms and treatment. For some, lifestyle changes and medicine can make a huge difference in improving health, while others may need surgery to make their ticker work well again.
Our speaker, Dr. G. Sengottuvelu is the Senior Consultant & Interventional Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals. A graduate from Madras Medical College, Internal Medicine, DM and DNB in Cardiology, Dr Sengottuvelu did his fellowship in interventional cardiology in a prestigious institute in France with world renowned  Dr Marie Claude Morice. He is recognized for his pioneering work in complex coronary and structural interventions and has performed over 15,000 procedures in the cath lab. A highly accomplished interventional cardiologist and a key opinion leader in India on complex stenting and valve interventions. He initiated and performed the first transcatheter valve replacement at Apollo Hospital in 2015. He has over 100 publications and his work has been accepted and published in world renowned journals. He has authored chapters in several text books and over 300 abstracts and case studies in several conferences around the world. His scientific reputation is rated high among his peers in the Asia pacific region.

Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the IWA Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday, April 26th, 2019 at the following address:
 AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam
No.97, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

REGISTRATION AND REFRESHMENTS:               10.00 a.m.
AGM commences:                                            10.45 a.m.
The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:
Welcome Address                                 Mahvash Sait
Passing of 2018 AGM Minutes
(sent out by E-mail) Sanyukta Gill
Secretary’s Report                                Sanyukta Gill
Membership Secretary’s Report             Jeyasree Ravi
Treasurer’s Report                          Tehnez Bahadurji
Adoption of the Audited Accounts
for the year 2018-2019
Appointment of Auditors for 2019- 2020
Special Resolution to amend Clause 10 D
of the existing Bye-law
Special Resolution to reduce the Admission
Fee for Non-Indian members
Any Other Business
Remarks by the outgoing President         Usha Jawahar
Introduction of the Election Committee    Princess Naik
Presentation of the New
Managing Committee 2019-2020
Address by the incoming Presidents        Nidhi Kapoor 
                                                           Thadani &
                                                           Anjali Sacheti
Introduction of the New Executive Committee
Vote of Thanks                                     Shobha Hebbar

Note: Copies of the accounts will be available for members.



5 Tue 03.45 PM
Flower Bazaar Police Stataion
(Assembly Point)
C1, Flower Bazaar, NSC Bose Road
Chennai 600 001
The food walk
Join us to discover some interesting eating places in the buzzing area of George Town.We are on a Food trail to discover some quaint some iconic eating spots – a walk that will surely tickle your taste buds along with introducing you to the history of these place.
Dhruva- Lawyer by profession, Radio Broadcaster to entertain and aGuide with a passion, will be accompanying us on this food walk.
Please note this will involve walking in busy streets for about an hour with stops to taste the food. Please bring your hat and sun glasses and walking shoes. Make sure you are comfortable.
This is a warn-in meeting. So sign up fast at the below mentioned numbers between March 1 - 3rd.
Whatsapp - Nandi Shah 9884070014
Assembly at flower bazar police station- at the statue of King George V. - by 3.45p.m. Kindly be on time as we will leave sharp at 3:50p.m. 
The meeting will last longer than our usual meeting times so please plan accordingly for your cars to pick you up.


8 Fri 10.15 A.M
Madras Club
8 Adyar Club Gate Road,
Chennai 600028
Sreemati -Exploring Women through Puppetry and Dance
On this women’s day we will be celebrating the woman with all the riches of the world in her persona - Sreemati. We welcome you to this joyous celebration through the medium of puppetry.
The day begins with Abharana, an interactive between the queen, who is a puppet and her Sakhi, the dancer. It continues remembering the extraordinary women of ancient India, Chudala, Maithreyi, Savithri, the Grihini and Sulabha. This will be followed by a glimpse to the world of classical puppetry.
Presenting this world of puppets are two women from Bangalore, Anupama Hoskere and Divya Hoskere. Anupama is a Master puppeteer (an engineer who has a masters degree from the University of California) and the founder of Dhaatu Puppet Theater which believes in the traditional wisdom and values offered by Indian culture and uses puppetry to spread this knowledge to children in the hope that it will be a valuable space in their consciousness they can return to a later stage in their life.
Divya Hoskere, her daughter, is a trained Bharatanatyam artist,puppeteer and student of Bachelor’s of Design.


12 Tue 10.15 A.M
Seetha Muthiah’s Residence
Coromandel House
14 Boat Club Road
R.A. Puram, Chennai 600028
The Mystical Kolam
Shanthi Sridharan is an artist from Chennai with a particular focus on the great Indian art of Kolam and Rangoli.Kolam is a design philosophy based on connecting the dots with lines and curves to create infinite design patterns. The Kolam patterns are a rich source of figure  language which serves as a stimulus for creation of new types of languages to communicate. These drawings cannot be preserved. They get walked on, washed out or blown by the wind; one has to let go and new ones are made. This infinity and detachment creates an unmatched mystic only paralleled to the aura associated with the existence of the universe.Shanthi will speak about this unique form of philosophy and art.


14 Thu 10.15 A.M
Gate No.1, Express Avenue Mall
Patullos Road
Chennai 600 002 
History, Tradition and Evolution of Bharatanatyam
India’s priceless artistic heritage is today the toast of the world. To help
preserve this legacy for generation–next albeit, remains a challenge.Working towards this preservation is Jayanthi Varma, dancer par excellence, who hails from the Royal Family of Cochin. Early exposure to Indian culture inculcated in Jayanthi an immense love and respect for the spiritual and cultural heritage of India. From the age of six, she was trained in Bharatanatyam by Padma Bhushan Smt.Kamala Lakshman and K.P.Kittappa Pillai doyen of the Tanjore Quartet family. Today, she is the Founder Director of Tapasya Kala  Sampradaya since 1977, an organization that works to preserve original cultural heritage.
Jayanthi will outline what has been done to preserve this art form with the help of “Marainduvarum Marabugal”, Tapasya’s research documentary film that captures eminent masters and artistes from hereditary families from the field of Bharatanatyam and its music,sharing nuances of their art and artistic heritage.Filmed in the tradition centers of art like Thanjavur, Tiruvarur,
Kanchipuram this film gives us an added insight into traditional teaching techniques of the renowned families that nurtured and preserved the ancient art of Bharatanatyam.


19 Tue 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014 
                                     Vultures In Vain
Growing up reading books by Kenneth Anderson and Jim Corbett, 18 years old Akshay Bharadwaj, currently doing his 1st year in thesIndian Institute of Science, is a wildlife enthusiast. On behalf of Karnataka’s forest department, Akshay has shot a documentary on the last remaining Vultures in the scenic hills of Ramnagar, which tells us the story about the fast declining vultures, of his home state. In his documentary he has created an awareness on the dramatic effect their extinction would have on our ecological environment.
Having had the good fortune of visiting several forests and plethora of habitats across our country, from traversing the vast expnses of nothingness in the Thar desert to being stranded in thundering rain along the Western Ghats, Akshay’s was a childhood that few could imagine and even fewer could experience.
Come listen to one of our youngest speakers Akshay, as he shares the tales of the mystic and intriguing forests, about his struggles and experiences and most of all his sustained motivation at this early age.


25 Mon 07.00 P.M
Crowne Plaza
Chennai Adyar Park
132, TTK Road, Alwarpet
Chennai 600 018n
Grand Finale!
“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything” - Marilyn Monroe
It’s the culmination of a wonderful year, full of friendship, activity, fun and laughter. 
The IWA Board is delighted to invite you to the final event of the year, The Grand FinaleJoin us for a night of merriment and laughter. We bring you an exciting evening of comedy and live music followed by a scrumptious dinner.
This event is open to spouses and friends of members for Rs. 1800. There is a limit of 75 passes and it will be available at forthcoming IWA meetings.


26 Tue 10.15 A.M
Alagammai Alagappan’s Residence
10 Chittaranjan Road,
Chennai-600 018IWA Helpline
Building, enhancing and restoring relationships
Our speaker T.T.Srinath is a sensitivity trainer, a member of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, (ISABS). A Post-Graduate in Human Resource Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur he is a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour from Anna University, Chennai. He is a Certificate holder in Sociodrama & Action Methods, issued by MPV/SAM Sociodrama & Action Methods Training and accredited by the British Psychodrama Association.He has spent over 37 years as an entrepreneur including 20 years as a human interaction facilitator. He has worked with more than 130 organisations across the world interacting with thousands of participants through his workshops..
He is a stage actor, a member of The Madras Players, and an author.


28 Thu 10.15 A.M
Hanu Reddy Residences
39/18 Binny Road, Poes Garden
Chennai 600 086
Memory & Memories
Perhaps you remember every word spoken by someone years ago but are struggling to remember the name of the person sitting next to you? Is this important?
Holder of several records, author, Ted-speaker, entrepreneur Mr Krishan Chahal shares the opinion that a good memory can be a great asset and a bad memory can cost you in more ways than one.Fortunately, everyone (yes, you too) has the capacity for developing a good memory with the art which we will learn from the Memory King and mnemonics expert.
The Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Railways, Tatas and Birlas and many many on a longlist have benefittedunder the Industry Outreach Initiative of Mirchi Networks Pvt Ltd.
IWA will gain from their Memory ImprovementEducational Program.Bring your guests, bring your children, but do warn in by sending a message to Gowri or Jaya.Can you afford to miss our Meeting this March? Make a note of it, lest
you forget!