Wednesday, August 30, 2017


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3D Printing - Revolutionary science or accessible technology?
3D printing is a term you come across frequently in the news. We have 3D printed art, furniture, houses, human organs and recently, NASA launched the smallest 3D printed satellite designed by an 18 year old from Tamilnadu.
So what is 3D printing? What are its uses? Is this the 4th Industrial Revolution or is it accessible technology that we can use to our benefit in our daily lives? Let us find out.
Samvit Blass was born in Auroville and has a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design from the Massachusetts College of Arts in Boston. After several years of work experience in leading design companies and teaching at the Raffles University in Shanghai and Mumbai, Samvit, along with his brother Rishi Walker, own design studio Light-Fish, in  Auroville. Light-Fish focuses on innovative products based on sustainability in furniture, lighting, packaging etc. Their vision is to lead sustainable design in India.

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