Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Rajah Islands consists of three islands on the backwaters of Kerala. The main island has an area of 14 acres with cottages to stay and treatment rooms in the Ayurveda School of Medicine overlooking the waters.
The second island over 5 acres is connected to the main island by a bridge where one can walk leisurely amidst landscaped gardens. The third island slightly away from the two mentioned above is about 30 acres, in its pristine form for basking in its natural glory and ornithology. The  pleasant and calm atmosphere in the midst of being surrounded by water and unprocessed  beauty will be a sure process of relaxation  physically  and mentally.
A holistic wellness program has been structured which would include a wellness consultation on arrival, Ayurvedic external therapies  (various massages) and suitable Panchakarma procedures (5 fold purificatory methodology), yoga and meditation sessions and a solely vegetarian fare for the palate.
Guruvayur, one of the most important places of worship in Kerala dedicated to Guruvayurappan often referred to as BhulokaVaikunta‘Holy Abode of Vishnu on Earth’ is just a five minute boat ride from the backwaters for our spiritual enlightenment.
The ancient and traditional art forms of Kerala, be it martial or classical,
Kalaripayattu or Mohiniyattam will be presented exclusively for our insight.
Departure: 16th November 2017
Arrival: 19th November 2017
Cost: Rs 22,000 (+ Air Fare)
Last day to warn-in: 14th September 2017
Please note the maximum number of people is restricted to 16
so kindly warn-in with Lakshmi Menon – 98404 41623, as early

as possible and to get better air fare rates.

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