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Crafts of the Harappan Civilisation
The ancient Harappan civilisation, also known as the Indus Valley civilisation, was highly advanced. The Harappan people had a finely honed sense of aesthetics and they produced an astounding range of crafts.
Examples of Harappan craft specialisation can be seen in the lapidary work, shell industries, stoneware bangles, ceramics, terracotta figurines, stone and metal figures.The Harappans traded extensively with the Oman Peninsula, Mesopotamia, modern Iran and Central Asia. This fascinating presentation will introduce us to the Harappan craft specialisation and highlight its evolution and important characteristics.
Dr.K.N. Prabhakaran is Director (Exploration & Excavation and Institute of Archaeology) at the Archaeological Survey of India and Guest Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar . He has carried out intensive analysis and research of Bead making Technology at the Harappan sites.He has participated in excavations of Harappan culture sites such as Dholavira (Gujarat), Sanauli (Uttar Pradesh) and directed excavations at Rupnagar (Punjab) and Karanpura (Rajasthan). He has contributed numerous papers to various prestigious journals.

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