28 Tue 10.15 AM
The Armenian Church
Armenian Street, Opp. High Court
Parry’s Corner, George Town
Chennai 600 001
Armenian Church - Footsteps in time…
Explore the forces that shaped Christianity in India, and learn unexpected facts about its early days in Chennai.Storytrails was born with the idea of  discovering India through her stories. This morning we will savor local sights and sounds through the eyes of a storyteller, go beyond the sights themselves, and uncover the characters and customs that made these places come alive.
Join us for a story-filled session, with Storytrails, about Chennai’s Christian history, from the humble arrival of St. Thomas, to the British,who created a cathedral of neo-gothic splendor at the Armenian Church.
Please warn-in on 25th & 26th of January between 10 am and 6 pm by calling or messaging (or whatsapp) on 9840027222 as we have to limit the participation to 30 people.
We request you to carry your own water bottle and encourage you to

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